How to make Tofu Mayonnaise Recipe


Doing the food reeducation that leads to weight loss is a matter of “slimming” your favorite recipes. For this, it is worth testing the advantageous exchanges. When it works, it’s worth sharing, like this homemade mayonnaise recipe, light and delicious . enjoy and always learn more!

La mayonnaise de tofu This is an alternative not only for vegetarians, but also for those looking formeat or fish or sauce for vegetables, without having to resort to milk or eggs .

Now we all know how to make mayonnaise or lactonese . So this recipe will help us expand our 

culinary resources and also our diet.

The main ingredient, tofu , is nothing more than the coagulated soy protein. That is, a curd or cheese that is made after soaking the soybeans. It has many applications as it can be made into a salad, fried or added to any soup.

It is an ingredient also suitable for celiac

Do you dare to try?

Origin of mayonnaise:

Mayonnaise was invented in 1756 AD in France. After the war between the English and the French, he won it.

The French, the captain’s chef, had to prepare a festive meal that included a sauce made of eggs and cream. But because there was no cream in the kitchen, the chef had to replace the cream with olive oil, lemon juice or vinegar.

Thus, a new generation began to use the new sauce, which the chef called “Mahony” sauce in relation to and glorification of the victory achieved by the French commander “Duke de Richelieu” in the Port Mahon region, which contains a high percentage of vitamin H, which gives him about 30% of the recommended nutritional ration. Its for adults.

A tablespoon of mayonnaise contains about 100 calories, which is equal to the amount found in a 

tablespoon of butter, margarine, and egg yolk adds dietary cholesterol, which every person with high blood cholesterol, atherosclerosis or heart disease should reduce.

It is also used in the manufacture of many other sauces and different types of salads, in addition to putting it as a dip alongside some dishes such as chicken, grilled meat, or fried potatoes, among others.

As the saying goes: “The discovery of a new dish of food adds more happiness to mankind than the discovery of a new star.”

The Secret To The Success Of Homemade Mayonnaise

Mayonnaise is one of the sauces that requires a high level of craftsmanship to become successful at home, and to make homemade mayonnaise just like the shops know the secret.

Chef BISO says that the main problem facing the housewife is that the homemade mayonnaise is 

sometimes liquid and not sticky, and the secret in this problem is that the liquids in the ingredients do not stick together, and this is because the oil is put once on the yolk.

To avoid this problem, the oil should be poured in the form of drops with continuous whisking until it overlaps well with the egg yolk and the mixture begins to thicken. Once the mixture thickens, you can add the oil faster, as long as you keep mixing.

Also, a certain order must be followed for placing the components. Put two egg yolks in a bowl, then add a tablespoon of mustard. Season with black pepper and salt, then whisk the ingredients well to homogenize with a hand-held wire whisk.

Add lemon juice or vinegar to your liking because the acidic ingredient has an exceptional flavor for mayonnaise, add it on top of the mixture and mix quickly.

Why does mayonnaise stay creamy when we put it in the fridge?

Mayonnaise (‘mayo’) stays the same all the time, unlike many preparations where mayonnaise is made from a mixture of oil and eggs together. Which can add herbs or spices. Egg yolk contains a protein called lecithin like soap. It helps to mix the water in the egg white with the oil, until we get a homogeneous creamy liquid. The oil prevents the egg protein and water from forming crystals, so even if you put it in the fridge, the mayonnaise will stay creamy all the time.

With A Spoon Of Mayonnaise Make A Natural Conditioner For Hair And Make It Like Silk

Soft hair is the secret of women’s beauty, where we find many women spend a lot of money to care for hair and take care of it in order to get long and smooth hair. Hair, which is widely available in the market and sold at high prices.

There are types of conditioner that have an average price. It is known that the conditioner helps straighten coarse hair and works to nourish it and prevent split ends. When using the conditioner regularly, we may get attractive and distinctive hair.

However, ready-made conditioners sold in the market may contain many harmful chemicalsBut there are some home mixtures that can be prepared at home to get long and healthy hair without cost, and the most important of these mixtures are mayonnaise mixtures, which show the hair in an amazing and attractive way.

Mayonnaise hair conditioner ingredients

One tablespoon of tea tree oil.

Two tablespoons of olive oil.

Two tablespoons of castor oil.

Two tablespoons of jojoba oil.

One tablespoon of white honey.

One large cup of mayonnaise.

How to make mayonnaise hair conditioner

We prepare a dish and put one large cup of mayonnaise in it, then add one large tablespoon of tea tree oil and one large tablespoon of white honey, then put two tablespoons of jojoba oil, two tablespoons of 

olive oil and two tablespoons of castor oil.

After that, we stir it well to get a homogeneous and cohesive texture, and before applying this 

conditioner, we wash the hair using the appropriate shampoo for the type of hair and warm water.

Then the conditioner is applied to the entire hair until the ends, and this is by massaging on the scalp, then put a plastic bag or a hat on the hair and leave it in this way for thirty minutes or less.

After that, we wash the hair using lukewarm water, not cold, to get rid of the conditioner. It is better to wash the hair with this conditioner at least twice a week.

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