Classic Dinner Rolls Recipe

You only need 7 ingredients to make these dinner rolls. Flaky, soft, and buttery, these fresh dinner rolls

 outshine any main dish. If you’re a bread beginner, read this blog post to learn more about the yeast rolls

 recipe, including how to prep the rolls ahead of time. You can also reference my Baking with Yeast Guide

 for answers to common yeast FAQs. 

Tips for Making Perfect Homemade Dinner Rolls

This recipe comes together super fast so it’s nice to be prepared. Measure out all the ingredients before

 you get started so you can just dump them in the bowl of the mixer and get started.

The milk is what activates the yeast so be diligent about checking for the right temperature. You’re 

looking for somewhere between 100-110F. I warm mine in the microwave in a glass measuring cup and

 then use this thermometer to check the temperature. If it gets too hot, let it sit until it reaches the right 

temperature. Killing the yeast is a big no-no.

The first and second rise are both 30 minutes. Keep your rolls in a draft free location and cover with a 

tea towel or plastic wrap.

Making the rolls the same size ensures an even baking time. I’m pretty good at eyeballing it but to be 

extra sure, pat the dough into a rectangle about 8 x 12 inches. Cut into 4 strips and then cut those strips 

into 6 squares for a total of 24 rolls. You can use a kitchen scale to weigh them.

When rolling the dough into balls, I like to make them nice and smooth on top by pulling the “seams” 

down to the bottom and giving it a twist. That’s the side I place on to the baking sheet so the top is 

perfectly rounded. The video below will show you more of what I mean if that is unclear.

Check the rolls at 12 minutes. If they are starting to darken beyond what you prefer, put a piece of foil 

over the top. I like my rolls a nice golden brown and once it hits that color, I know the rolls are done. 

Always check a center roll for doneness and then tent with foil if they need a few more minutes.

Don’t forget to brush with butter! This is what gives the top of the dinner rolls that irresistible golden 

sheen. It’s super important


Yeast – I use fast action yeast and let it activate in warm milk with a little sugar which feeds the yeast and encourages it to activate. Make sure your yeast hasn’t expired or it won’t work.

Flour – I use organic all-purpose flour for this recipe although regular all-purpose flour or bread flour

 will also work.

Milk – this is another essential ingredient for creating that soft and fluffy texture we all love. Make sure

 to use whole milk because it contains more fat and will create a richer dough. I also recommend using

 a thermometer to make sure the milk is at the correct temperature before adding the yeast to it, if it’s

 too hot the yeast won’t work and your dough won’t rise.

Butter – this is such a key ingredient for creating such a rich and buttery dough. The butter is melted to

 be incorporated into the dough and then more melted butter is brushed on top of the rolls after baking

 to give the rolls that nice sheen.

what to eat with dinner rolls

_Turkey Meatballs in Curry Sauce.

_Creamy Chicken Stew.

_Homemade Hummus.

_Creamy Coconut Chicken.

_Vegetarian Meatballs.

_Italian Baked Turkey Meatballs.

_Cabbage Roll Soup.


Healthy and delicious: These easy dinner rolls are healthy, fluffy, and full of deliciousness. They are the

perfect addition to your dinner table.

Better than store-bought: these dinner rolls are out of this world. They taste so much better than the 

store-bought version. Especially when they come right out of the oven.

Easy to make: It’s really easy to make these savory-sweet dinner rolls. If you don’t like the taste of the 

herbs, you may skip them and make simple wholewheat honey dinner rolls.


1 1/2 cup whole milk, warmed to 110F

4 Tbsp unsalted butter, melted

1 Tbsp active dry yeast

1/3 cup granulated sugar

1 1/4 tsp salt, (we used fine sea salt)

4 cups all-purpose flour, (minus 1 to 3 Tbsp) measured correctly

1 Tbsp unsalted butter, melted to brush the tops of dinner rolls

1/2 tsp kosher salt, to sprinkle finished rolls


In the bowl of your mixer, whisk together warm milk (about 110F) and 1 Tbsp sugar. Sprinkle the top

with 1 Tbsp yeast and let sit 1 minute. Whisk together and let it sit for about 5 minutes until yeast looks 

foamy. Add 4 Tbsp melted butter, remaining sugar and salt.

Add flour half a cup at a time until the dough whisking to incorporate. Once the dough gets too thick, 

switch to the dough hook attachment and mix on speed 2 (you can also continue mixing by hand with a 

stiff spatula). Add about 4 cups of flour, adding the last 1 to 3 Tbsp of flour only if needed. The dough 

should feel sticky and tacky but should not stick to clean/dry finger tips.

Knead the dough with the dough hook in a stand mixer for 2 minutes or knead by hand (10 min), then 

place dough in an oiled bowl. Cover it with plastic wrap and let it rise about 2 hours in a warm place or 

until doubled in size. 

Once the dough rises, turn it out onto a lightly floured surface and cut it into 15-24 even pieces 

depending on the shape of your baking dish. Roll each piece of dough into a ball and place them onto 

an oiled 9×13 casserole dish or baking sheet.

Cover the dinner rolls with plastic wrap and let them rise another 30-60 minutes in a warm place or 

until puffed (do not over-proof). Bake at 375F for about 23-25 minutes or until the tops are golden 


Immediately brush tops of dinner rolls with melted butter and set aside to cool to room temperature 

before serving.

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